Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010

It feels like I have been waiting for this trip my whole life, and the time is finally here--Timmy is 40 inches tall, and that means he can get on most of the rides, where?, you ask, DISNEY WORLD!!!!! After clicking away my days online, I plan out the whole trip to the T. Fifteen hours of driving is literally pain in the you-know-where. But it's all worth it in the end. We have a blast, and we can't wait to do it again (sans the driving part). We spend good five days in the theme parks, and because of the strategically use of the fast passes, we still get to do a lot of the rides despite of the huge crowd. Here I apologize to all the toes I'd stepped on as I rushed everywhere to get my fast passes. PM me if you wan to know my tricks. Come and take a glimpse of our WONDERFUL trip. (It would be perfect if Thanh didn't complain so much about his aching feet.)

Visiting the beach right by the condo where we stayed last spring break was surreal.

Baby giraffe was within reach on Africa Safari ride in Animal Kingdom.
First family picture--a lot more to come!
Before picture in the raft

Oh yeah, we did the Everest Mt. ride in the back.
Waiting for the dinosaur ride
Bug's life in 3D (I think, all the 3D movies are kinda all blurred up)
Yep, we were there.
Dinner with the lovely Cinderella
See, compare to her, mommy is not that mean.
Great weather+beautiful surroundings=A happy family outing
Flying high with Dumbo
And a little chicken
Silly Jungle Ride was just silly in a good way.
Character dinning with friends from hundred acre wood
What's the word? SPLENDID.
It's a Small World ride is a staple in Magic Kingdom.
My family thinks I am embarrassing them for making them wear the raincoat. Yes, people can be judgemental, and yes, we look like dorks.
Don't thank me for making you stay dry.
Waiting for the train ride to go around the park.
I love the sense of serendipity here.
The fireworks! The parade! The Magic!
Good to see you again, too.
It's even better than the front seat of the stroller.
Finding Nemo sculptures in EPCOT

Breathtaking view in Epcot
Hi, smilies.
Arabian Night Show
Back to Magic Kingdom
Timothy can fly the rocket,
Timothy can race the car (what else can this kid NOT do?).
Smell us, ha!
Daddy is trying to blend in.
Waiting in line to get in the Haunted House
Space Mountain still scares me.
Lunch in Disney Studio at another expensive character dinning, and hi, JoJo
The highlight of the day--kids custom making their own light sabers
The stunt show was great...
But Timothy missed it...
Sorcerer Mickey Hat is the icon.
Last stop--the tower of horror
Samantha and I dared ourselves to ride it while Thanh sold his fast pass for five dollars.
True American/Disney capitalism, anyone?
Got to go now to plan my next trip...


Winnie said...

wow, that's awesome. Don't know when we can go to Disney World.

Jerin and Wami said...

Wooo! Good pictures! :)