Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy New Year

For once my new year resolution is not gonna be to lost that extra five pounds. It's to update the family blog. Let's start with the December happening. And by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! This tremendous effort from my part is dedicated to the families in Virginia and Taiwan, and of course, you.
Big man and little man are ready for the church.

Houston snow is for eating.Wow, that was a lot of snow...
Company's Christmas party for kids
Christmas Party at Klein Oak Ward
Timothy's preschool

This is how 35,000 lbs of snow is made. The only day and the last day of school that any student should not have called in sick, and yet, Samantha did. Here we are in Virginia two days later. It turned out that Samantha got more snow than she bargained for. Big thanks to Uncle Don and Aunt Sok for welcoming us to their home...again and again. A bulldozer was put to work to clear the snow off the street in front of the house.
Don't open the door to the back patio.
Kids playing with cousins Ausha and Jasmine
We love you, turkey.
Say Hi to Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle George, Aunt Karla, and our white cousin, Cheyenne. How is it possible that we don't have a Wii yet?

We miss the twins-- Madison and Danial.

Hi to our second cousin, Justin and Collin.

Dulls Branch boys reunion at, where else? The King's Buffet. An ungifted server took the picture. Good to feel ten years younger again. Hey, La, cut that kid's hair! Girl Power
Bowling was a good idea. But how Uncle Don got zero point one time with the gutter guards up remains a mystery.
Remember to take a bowling PE class when you get to BYU, Samantha. Last time Thanh shovled snow was at Wyview.
Are you asking me if I want to do a snow ball fight with you guys? Thank you, but no, thank you. I prefer taking the pictures behind the glass door.
Samantha built her first snow man with daddy.
~ The End of 2009~


Jerin said...

I see you guys post about as frequently as we do. Keep it up! Great pictures. Happy family. Big house! Give us more! :)

amy wudel said...

Leslie, glad to see you are back. I love the pictures of cousins, you are all so genetically blessed! I hope you guys are all doing well.