Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Samantha Turns 6

No words can describe how proud we are to be your parents. The past six years had gone by so quickly that I still remember the day we gave birth to you on a snowy day on April 5th in Utah. You went easy on us. As first time parents and no family members in sight, you brought calming and sweet spirit into our home. I always say that I can have twenty of you. And I mean it. You always act beyond your age. Not just that, as a kindergartner, you are already reading chapter books, or had passed tests to be a GT student (pardon my bragging rights), you are also kind and considerate to other people (especially to your little brother). As I am typing this blog up, I am already missing you...cause' two more of 6 years, you will be on your way to the best college out there and be completely prepared for it. We have total faith and confidence in you. You have demonstrated your ability to try your best in the things you do. Thank you for being ours.

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