Monday, April 14, 2008

Samantha turned 5!

In the past month since we got back from Taiwan, we'd been in a "leisure" mood. We took kids to Houston Rodeo, Downtown Aquarium, two outlet malls, and we even rented a nice hotel room in Houston Galleria area over the weekend just for fun. Now we are broke. So I have to go back to my family blog just to fill up my time. I am just going to skip on posting all those wonderful pictures of our mini trips for now. (Sorry, grandma) But definitely check out our Samantha's 5th birthday party. The most appreciated comment will be that I don't look like a mom who has a five-year-old.


jerin said...

You don't look like a mom that has a 5-year-old! Where did you get that girl? She looks just like you.

Happy birthday Samantha!

moranews said...

That's so cute. She's beautiful. My oldest is turning 6 this week. Doesn't time just fly? I love seeing your updates on here.

andrew said...

Is Thanh digging up that tree, it looks like it's about to tip over!