Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Break-so far so good

I just steamed a big plate of asparagus, and everyone is eating it up! We are hungry for some green food after a few meals of fast food run. Here is the story. It's spring break, and we just had to get out of the town. Navarre Beach located in Pensacola Beach in West Florida is just perfect! After driving almost ten hours on I-10 yesterday, we finally arrived. We have a week-long beach rental in a high rise condo right off the beach, and we've be enjoying every minute of it. The ocean is clear and cold for me, but definitely not for the kids (including Thanh). Mom, here are the pictures I promised, and thanks for nagging me to start the blog again.
Good morning, sunshine and 7os' degree.
When they are happy, I am happy (most times it's the other way around).
We have to hold back Timmy before he dives in.
More shells and fossils add onto her collection.
Daddy always tries to please his little guy.
They can do this all day long.
3 lbs of crawfish is mean!


jerin said...

mmMMMmm - the food looks good. Fun pix! It's good to see you guys having fun. Welcome back to the blog world!

Mark said...

mmm crawfish. i can do THAT all day long.