Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Job Sam

I am back to blogville! The past few months had gone by so fast. We went through Hurricane Ike with no damage to the house. Timothy started his preschool and had not been crying for two weeks in the row. Halloween came and passed with many parties in between. Samantha just learned how to ride the bike with no training wheels. She started to wear glasses because of astigmatism. I am getting busy at volunteering at school and watching friends' kids. And last time I checked, Thanh still has his oil job. This entry will be short and sweet. Not that I am lazy but looking forward to a new tomorrow. Samantha performed at her first Suzuki Annual Ribbon Festival


amy wudel said...

Wow, does Samantha play the Piano?! I am very impressed. I want Summer and Jenna to play the piano too but I do not dare try till they are older, because I know they do not have the patience yet. Samantha is adorable! I love her dress.

Hopefully we will volunteer at the school at the same time. It has been far too long since I've seen you!

Seantylle said...

Congratulations Samantha! It must have been so fun to watch/listen to her at her concert. I'm so excited for Graham to get there. I just have to remind myself that he's only 3. I love Suzuki!