Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Samantha is Done with Preschool

The next graduation ceremony I will attend shall be my kids' high school graduation. That's gonna be a long way down. So today is a big day. It's Samantha's preschool graduation. Two years ago when she first attended the preschool, she would tell me when I picked her up that she actually "talked" that day. Now you can't get her to stop sometimes. Grandparents from Virginia come to visit just the right time. Daddy can't come because his work is more important. Samantha is also awarded as "the best dressed" student of the class. Should I be proud?

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moranews said...

That's so cute. Gavin used to tell me that he "talked" in class too. As funny as it may seem, it was a huge deal for him. I totally know what you mean with that.