Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taiwan Getaway

The thought of journaling our vacation on the blog is quite overwhelming. First of all, we are still having bad jet lag. Evidence: four of us were watching American Idol rerun on youtube this morning at four. Secondly, it's really hard to pick out some pictures to share while I think all 347 of them are all worth sharing. Lastly, I am forgetting my English. For those who had been to Taiwan, our days were as typical as yours. We spent half of the day eating, and the other half digesting. In spite of the uncooperative weather (that being cold and rainy) on most of the days, we managed to have some outdoor adventures. This year will be the last time we get to spend Chinese New Year with my family, as Samantha is going to attend public kindergarten next year. We will plan on hot summer trips instead. To tell the truth, I can live in Taiwan forever, but boy, did I miss my gas powered dryer.
After flying thousands of miles to Taiwan, I know it's odd to eat at the McDonald's while there are many other choices. I just like the rice burger here. Even Samantha thinks the kids meal tastes better in Taiwan.
We are visiting grandma at her work. I don't know what Timothy is drinking.
My sister's daughter, You-Yi (aka MeiMei) is sitting next to my Samantha. I like to buy them matching outfits.
It took me by surprise that Timmy fell asleep in my mom's arm. He usually only wants his mama. MeiMei is drinking soymilk which we have just about every morning.
Kids play at a playground in a elementary school which I used to attend. The boy, You-An (aka GeGe), standing next to Samantha is my nephew.
These four kids soon form strong bond together, and always have a blast together.
Seriously, have you ever seen a seesaw with three generations on it?
We pay $5 USD per person to play in this play area located in a mall. Kids cost money.
I used to have fear of putting the kids on this type of "things." They have germs all over them, don't they? I'd come a long way to overcome my COD.
Samantha is a business woman in training. Here she is helping my brother-in-law's niece sell the strawberries. Today we are visiting his hometown, DaHu in MiaoLi, which is famous for strawberries picking and products.
My brother-in-law, JunHon, and his daughter.
Now we are helping sell the windmills.
Kids are eating a kind of Taiwan sponge cake.
Strawberry Buffet! We are picking strawberries at a field owned by my brother-in-law's parents. Timmy is picking like a pro. I love the look on his face.
Honestly, the strawberries taste the best when you first pick them.
Wish you are here, daddy. Some for you, and some for me.
This day will be forever remembered.
I just want to show off Samantha's cute new outfit.
We eat at this restaurant famous for its shrimp dishes. The shrimps we are about to eat are swimming in the kids' background. The lamb pot is really good, too.
We like to stop by at this bakery called 85C to get some yummy cakes and hot chocolate. Once again, kids are living large.
Samantha likes to hang out with one of my cousins, Yi-Ching. Notice the matching outfits? That's not planned.
My mom, me, my aunt, and my cousin, eat out together. I have many aunts, uncles, and numerous cousins.
Samantha wants to watch her DVD in the most comfortable way imaginable.
Daddy is finally here! We take him to ChengHuang Temple to have some authentic Hsinchu food. Each dish is only $1.00 USD each. Meatball is always the kids' favorite. I can eat all these EVERYDAY!
Yin-Ge in TaoYuan is the place where you can buy a variety selection of ceramic dishes at very affordable prices. Go google it.
After a long day of shopping (as usual), we eat at this fancy and delicious restaurant (as usual). The fish skin dish with wasami seasoning is a must to try.
My sister's family and we check into this 6 star motel for the night. Just when we think their room is awesome...
We find out that our room has a marble tub that's big enough for kids to swim in. Highly recommend you guys to try it out when you come to Taiwan next time.
There are KTV and Wii in the room. They are singing Aladdin.
Samantha is dancing behind the big screen as a backup dance (literally) when we sing songs.
We visit PuSin Ranch in TaoYuan today. I am not sure why we are here, but Timothy is crazy for cows, and ranch is where you see cows.
What are they watching?
Cows, and more cows.
Samantha is brave to ride the horse by herself.
Daddy is half brave to ride the horse with Timothy.
Choo Choo Train tour ride ends the day well. Do you notice what Timothy is holding?
We are warming up our tummies for more Chinese New Year meals.
MeiMei knows how to eat.
It's a Chinese tradition to visit mother's side of family on the second day of Chinese New Year. we usually have banquet together for lunch. Thanh is the only guy who doesn't drink.
The lady sitting in the middle is my grandma.
For dinner, we visit one of my uncle's family in the mountain. The scenery is just breathtaking. The best homemade food I have ever had in my life! I wish I have three stomachs.
Stand up and grab your food.
Hmm, McDonald night requested by the kids. I would rather have Mos burger.
It will make life even better if I get one of these in the States.
We are shopping at the supermarket in RT Mart. I am just hoping that nobody had sneezed on the chicken gizzards I bought.
Thank you, Jane and Anderson, for introducing us to such a wonderful Cantonese restaurant.
There is never a dull time for these kids when they are together.
We are enjoying our day at a local flower market (it's like a night market but at day time). The weather is finally nice after days of raining. Too bad we are about to go home.
This is a cute little zoo perfect for kids to see the animals. There alligators are real.
I think this hippo is the cutest animal I've ever seen. That's what I call "perfect skin."
Checking out the tigers. No, the tiger is not going to eat you, Timmy.
It's Samantha's idea.
MeiMei is so adorable. Can we take you home?
More family picture.
Samantha likes to be pampered anywhere she goes.
We are having BBQ buffet for dinner the night before we come back to Houston. The server bring you the raw food you ordered to your table and you cook it yourself. Very satisfying. Let's go home and let our tummies rest.
Bye Bye, Grandpa, and Grandma, we will see you next summer!

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